NFL Preseason Excitement

NFL Preseason Excitement

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Preseason NFL action is in full swing, and if you haven’t started drafting your fantasy football team yet, this is something that you should definitely be paying attention to. There is excitement at this point in the year as players find their groove, unproven players learn whether or not they have what it takes to play in the NFL, and veterans reacquaint with old teammates and learn how to play with the new ones.

For some fans, it’s hard to get into a preseason game just because there will be so many changes between now and opening weekend. That’s true. It can also be difficult to watch because sometimes players do not try as hard as they could. This is true too, but not to the same extent. In fact, if you are looking at marginal players, and those that could realistically get cut from a team, these players will be trying harder than anyone else on the field. These are the ones that have something to prove if they want to stay in the NFL.

The preseason is when NFL coaches make their final lists of who will be on the roster for Week #1. The players that have an interest in making the team will be trying to secure that spot, and this is why you should be paying attention to the preseason. If you haven’t drafted your fantasy team yet, you will have an opportunity to see what unproven talent can do on the field. Jarryd Hayne, a former rugby star now vying for a spot on the San Francisco 49ers, is now playing in the NFL for the first time, and is having a spectacular preseason. The Australian ran for 54 yards on 8 carries in the offense, and as a punt returner performed even better. Here, he ran 84 yards on 3 returns, crushing last year’s top numbers. In 2014, the NFL’s best was given by Micah Hyde, who averaged just 15 yards per punt return. Hayne was looking more at 28 yards.

You can’t say that a player like this isn’t having an exciting preseason. It’s unclear of whether or not Hayne will stay in the NFL or go back to Australia and rugby. However, if you aren’t paying attention to the preseason, you would have missed these highlights and a potential shot at getting this phenom on your fantasy team.

Another spot you should be looking is at the Philadelphia Eagles. Right now, there are a few big names at the quarterback position, including Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow. Both are playing well in preseason and the Eagles look like they might be a team to contend with this year. Bradford has had tons of potential since he entered the NFL, but never really found his stride with the St. Louis Rams. He was the #1 Draft Pick in 2010, but never performed like one. If how things are going in Philly right now are an indication, this might change. And Tim Tebow was a first round pick too, don’t forget. He was the 25th pick by the Broncos in 2010, and had a decent first season with them, leading them to the postseason. He also never hit his stride in the NFL, though. Having these two QBs in a good location, working together, might be exactly what the Eagles need for success, and it might be the setting that one or both of them need to finally see what they are capable of. Both are highly athletic and extremely talented, but because of poor circumstances haven’t shown this fact yet.

And preseason is starting to show everyone what they’ve been capable of all along.