Learn What to Do

To be a top daily fantasy sports performer, you need to be constantly learning. You will start by learning from blogs like this one and other players, but eventually, the focus will be on the stats within your sports of choice and on how applying those to your own game affects the outcome of the contests you play in.

Start with What You Know

It’s easy. You have a sport or two you like, one that you watch often. You might have a basic understanding of the stats behind the game. Once you have this pure enjoyment, you just need a desire to learn more, the rest will take care of itself. For example, if you love Sundays during football season and you’re ready to take your love of the game up a level, you can be a success when it comes to playing daily fantasy football.

Know What’s Important

In certain leagues, some events are more important than others. In fantasy sports, you want to target those areas and capitalize upon them. By focusing on the areas where you are most likely to increase your fantasy point total, you can make sacrifices in other areas, stretch your salary a little further, and start scoring more points than ever before. For example, in baseball, the player that hits the most homeruns scores the most points. It’s the same in DraftKings as it is on FanDuel. The number of points they give you is different, but they both give you more than any other frequent occurrence. When you’re drafting your team, this is one of the first things to consider.
Win like no Other

See the Latest

By knowing what the latest trends are at the top daily fantasy sites, you can see what your competition is doing and stay a step ahead of them. One hot trend right now is called lineup stacking. It’s when you purposefully draft numerous players from the same team. That team might be on a hot streak and be up against a weaker team for a particular game. This is a good strategy, but it only works if the projected trend continues. What can you do to outflank someone who is using this strategy?

One easy answer is to find a defensive player or side that is also hot and going against a weak team. You can’t prevent anything from happening on the field, but you can outthink your fantasy competition and score points in areas that they won’t be thinking of. Couple this with a good approach to finding value in cheaper players and maximizing your use of top-tier players, and suddenly all of the lineup stacking in the world can’t stop you. Reading the latest blogs and newsletters will help you to figure these things out.

Picking the Right Contests

You don’t have to be the best fantasy player ever to make consistent money playing at fantasy sports sites. In fact, you really only need to be in the top 45% of players consistently to make good money. That’s because this is what the cutoff is for payouts (usually) in the double up contests. Here, you pay $1 (or anything) to enter, and if you finish in the top 45% or so, you will double your money. It’s a really easy concept, but many fantasy players that could be profitable here play in harder tournaments and end up losing money instead. It doesn’t need to be like this, but it is for many. That’s why picking the right contests to play in will help you to make more money. Know your strengths, capitalize on them, and know your weaknesses so you can better them. You won’t ever know these things about yourself though, if you don’t track your progress. Keep a play journal so you don’t have to keep everything in your memory and can visibly see how you’re doing. Some sites even will do this for you.