The Life of Fantasy Sports

Play the GameDaily fantasy sports are here to stay. They are fun, they are exciting, and they are different. Most people that have played in season long leagues are intrigued by daily fantasy leagues because they do have such immediate returns, but oftentimes they find that they are not successful at first because different strategies are needed in order for you to be successful.

Here, we will help you to learn the basic skills needed to be successful in your daily fantasy sports tournaments regardless of the sport that you are interested in. For those looking for more advanced skills, we will touch upon some of the most important concepts and look at them with a little bit of depth. If you are interested in moving beyond these, we will help point you in the right direction for future improvement.

Getting Started

For those new to daily fantasy sports, there are some important concepts to be aware of. First, realize that the salary cap is going to be your biggest enemy at first, but once you learn how to operate within it, you will suddenly have a huge advantage over everyone else in your leagues. This is not easy to comprehend at first, especially when you are $500 short of drafting the wide receiver that you want to finish up your team and need to start all over again just to get things right. Relax. It’s a learning process and you won’t get it perfect on your first time. Or your second. But, if you stick with it and keep learning, you will get better. And as you do, you will see that the salary cap hurts you less and less, while it keeps hurting others at the same rate. It is an obstacle, but it’s one you can use to help you once you understand where your points come from.

Different sites have different salary cap restrictions. FanDuel and DraftKings are the two biggest one day league sites, and they both have slightly different salary caps, and different sports available to choose from. Picking the right site is important, and then formulating the right strategy once you are at a site is even more so. We will help you get to the point where you can see that certain techniques work at some places, and others work better elsewhere. They are just subtle differences at first, but once you master them, you once again will gain an edge.
Where to go From Here


Learning is the key to improvement. Once you know that hitting the salary cap is not the end goal, but that you are instead trying to max out the points that you are able to generate with the salary you have available, you will see that it’s a constructive device for you. You don’t need to max it out in order to win. You need to get as many points as possible. Your salary ends up as the tool that helps you to get an edge. There are tons of little concepts like this that will help you to get better at ruling the daily fantasy sports sites.

Another little thing that you can learn to help you improve your game is how to best select the right tournament. There are tons of different contests out there, ranging from leagues, to multipliers, to head to head games. What’s best for you and your style of play will vary, but how you draft a team will change a bit depending upon which type of game you choose. One way to start improving here is to keep track of the tournaments that you are playing in and monitoring where you are finishing in them. Also, track the stakes that you are playing at. You will eventually find that you perform better at some than at others. The goal is to find the stakes level where you are winning the most amount of money. This might change over time, but if you aren’t learning from the past, you will never know where to settle.

Resources for Improvement

Once you get the basics covered, you will want to move on to more advanced techniques. You might even want to try your hand at the bigger tournaments with huge cash prizes. These are admirable goals, and if you find that you are moving beyond the level where this site (or others like it) are helping you, we will point you toward resources and skill building places that can assist you on your quest.

Here are some sites we like to read. We like to check in on these on a daily basis to get the right information to you.

Daily fantasy sports sites and the games they offer are like a constantly changing puzzle. Once you master one aspect of them, it seems like something has changed that now needs to be improved upon again. That’s normal, and it’s a big part of the fun in playing fantasy sports. We are committed to helping you not only have fun, but have fun while winning money.